Thursday, 25 January 2018

Books Thrashed! 2018 Edition!

Yes, I read books. I enjoy reading. I'm by no means a bookworm though. But I thought I would keep a record of all the books I will be finishing as the year goes on.


Conan the Barbarian: collection of short stories
Escape on Venus
Savage Pellucidar
A Princess of Mars
Armada (reread)


The High Crusade (Poul Anderson)
Dr.Who: Inferno
Dr. Who: The High Crusades


Behind The Walls of Terra (Jose Farmer)
Dr. Who: The Android Invasion
The Dancer From Atlantis (Poul Anderson)
Buck Rogers #2 (Addison E. Steele)


The Shadow: Fingers of Death

Doctor Who: The Ark
A Shocker on Shock Street
The Cuckoo Clock of Doom

99 Fear Street: The First Horror
99 Fear Street: The Second Horror
99 Fear Street: The Third Horror
Monster Blood II

Ghost Beach

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Games Thrashed 2018 (All Games Edition)

Well another year begins! 2017 was a banner year in beating retro games. I defeated quite a few of them too. Not my all time numerous leader, but a solid year. Not only did I vanquish some of my childhood nightmares, but really cracked down on some legit tough games.

So my retro game of the year for 2017?


Played the hell out of this game, it has a mean streak to it too. It won't hold your hand and will batter you if you slip up. I managed to secure two out of a possible four endings as well!

Ok, so this year I'm going to put ALL games I've finished this year on this list. No not just NES games, but everything from Game Boy, Genesis, Snes, games on STEAM even! All new endings, no re-beats. So, to start off this year, my retro game of 2017, and a new list begins!


Super Spy Hunter

Starting the year off strong with a solidly tough game. I've had this game since my early twenties (I'm now in my thirties) and was so close to beating the game back then, but never could. Until now!

Not a bad little game actually! Beat it my first go and really liked it!

Ah, an old favorite that I now have just beaten! Awesome game, and one of my absolute favorites!

Another childhood game finally vanquished! The last level alone took about several tries. Not because of the level itself, but Dracula took me a bit to figure out. Glad this one is done and buried.

This was quite possibly one of THE HARDEST Gameboy games I've ever played. It took me an hour just to finish level three! And let me tell you, level four was NO cake walk! Still, a great looking and sounding game. And yeah, the challenge is there man!


Another tough platformer on the Gameboy. Really was tough until I discovered a way to accumulate extra lives on the fifth and last level of the game. After that, the game wasn't too rough! Not a bad game, but the original on the NES is the best in the entire series in my opinion.

Another great game that I actually had gotten pretty far on. I just needed to seal the deal which is exactly what I did! Wished I had this one as a kid, what a wonderful game.


I will say that Battletoads on the Genesis is a fair bit easier than its NES counterpart. I finished the game with one life left, and on my last continue. PRO TIP: The last fight with the Dark Queen is super easy. Just stay in the left corner until she slows down her attack; and smack her.

SO good I finished the game two times in a row! Once you get powered up the game is pretty damn easy, but still a lot of fun. Grab the napalm weapon in level 2 and keep it until the last level, that's when you buy the homing laser!

A really solid platformer! This is a port of Adventure Island II on the NES, and has very little missing in this one!


I've had this game for many, many years. And now I can put this one to rest. Took me well over an hour as I got stuck in the last four stages. This game is brutal and thank god for the continue code. Hold right on the D-pad as well as the  'A' button at the game over screen.


Finished the game with my party consisting of: Chrono, Marle and Lucca. They were around the 54-55ish level.

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon
 The spiritual successor to Castlevania in every way! Loved this new retro style of game!

I can't believe I waited so long to finish this game! It's a short one, but not too difficult (and not too easy either). Had a blast with this one, and the music is SOOOO underrated!

Almost did a one credit clear on my victory attempt! But alas, the final boss gave me a few fits. Great shmup too.

Beat the game on Normal mode, room for improvement but overall, a very fun game!

A weird mixture of Super Ghouls and Ghosts and Bionic Commando if you can believe it! A lot of fun and a great game, with excellent music.

Another great game by Konami! Can't believe I didn't play this one back in the day. Wonderful and challenging game too!

Wow what a great game! Had the Genesis version for the longest time and beat THIS one first haha.


Most likely the hardest SNES game I have ever played and beaten! And I only finished the game on easy mode too.


After 20 years of seeing this game and trying to finish it I did! And I only died once too! First saw this game in 1995 when we (my brothers and I) were finishing up moving out of our house (our parents were getting divorced) and a new family had moved in. The kid (his name is Mike) was playing on his nes were we used to play ours and he was playing this game. So, very bittersweet memories of this game.

Thought this game was going to stink, but turns out I was wrong! Not a bad little platformer once you get used to it. Would be a fun one to speed run or, race with a buddy.

Pretty impressive given the limitations of the little handheld! Bummer this game just keeps looping (did four loops before I decided to turn it off). Not as good as the NES version, but damn impressive nonetheless. 

Not a bad little game really! Six stages in total and not too hard to beat with infinite continues (via a code at the game over screen). The game keeps looping after you finish the sixth stage.

This was a great little strategy game to play. Lots of fun when you figure out how to do things. Cutting kingdoms off by placing castles in bottlenecks helps too. :)


Yes I used a guide, and I DON'T CARE! This game was made to sell books and magazines so I don't feel bad finally finishing this one off the way that I did!

Finally finished this childhood game. First played it at my friends place (Gerry Grisson), and now I can finish it pretty easily by myself. Not too rough of a game either, it can be finished in under ten minutes too!

This game is pretty easy being an Othello rip-off. The animations on Spot are actually really good too.


Ys Book II finished! Started it in January of 2018 and didn't touch it again until November. Finally beat it in December, lol! Wow, just wow! What a great game!

Been playing this game off and on since 1996. Glad to finally put this one to rest! What a great game once you get your bearings (and the help of a walkthrough doesn't hurt either). Shame most people have only played the first two installments. This one is definitely better than Ironsword for sure. Candidate for RETRO GAME OF THE YEAR.