Saturday, 5 January 2013

NES Games Thrashed 2013 Edition

To kick off the new year I just completed Capcom's wonderful game; The Little Mermaid. The game isn't very hard, its only downside IS the fact that its so simple to complete. But, for those that want to kick back, relax, and enjoy a rock solid game, look no further.
Not a re-beat either. A first time KO!

Macho pride aside, the music is a delight to listen to, with some theme's lifted from the film. If memory serves me correctly at least. The graphics are well done. Neat, colorful, and some great detail too. Not to mention the Tecmo Theater style cut scenes between levels!
Some great detail here.
The gameplay of this game reminds me a lot of Bubble Bobble. You flick bubbles from your tail that traps your enemies. You can then hold unto them and throw them at other baddies! Also, you can upgrade your bubbles distance and power by opening up treasure chests. A great game, while short, and easy, Capcom did an amazing job on the graphics, sound, and gameplay. Its a blast!
Give it a shot! Put your macho ego to rest.