Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Nes Games Thrashed: 2014 Edition Part 2

An updated list of my current new game completions on the NES. So far, I've beat my total from 2010 (which was 17 new completions). Now I'm just 3 more shy of another record. Not really sure what games I'll tackle next...

-WWF Wrestlemania 

-The Legend of Zelda (2nd Quest)
-Kickle Cubicle

-Adventures of Bayou Billy (used only 1 continue!)
-Jaws (First time playing it I beat the game!)
-Isolated Warrior
-Rad Racer II 
-City Connection (Hi Score and all 6 levels finished)
-AD&D Heroes of the Lance (Finished with only 3 party member deaths!)
-Monster in my Pocket
-Mighty Final Fight

-Rygar (top contender for retro game of the year)
-Adventure Island

-Super Spike 'Vball
-Legend of Kage
-Rush'N Attack
-Bump n' Jump
-Silver Surfer (no cheats used!)
-Al Unser Jr. Turbo Racing (highly underrated racing game.      Basically, Rad Racer III)
-Double Dribble (Hardest difficulty)


-T&C Surf Designs (Beat Wood and Water Rampage getting the  high score)


-Dr. Mario (Level 20, Slow Speed)
-Tecmo Bowl (New York Giants beat Bo Jackson's L.A. Raiders in the Tecmo Bowl)


-Karate Kid (on my 3rd attempt I beat the game quite handily.  Funny, I replayed the game after winning and beat the game  again!)
-American Gladiators (a tricky, but fun little game that gets way too  much flak.)